Think about health is a jewel. It is rare and valuable.

There are so few places where it is possible to explore issues in depth and breadth in the way the TAH conferences and day events allow.
The combination of philosophers with clinicians and managers and interested academic/consultants ensures that the discussion is relevant but also genuinely thought provoking and a link to a rich treasury of reading and other resources.

It is wonderful to have a space where academic disciplines can contribute to the thinking of those of us more directly involved with solving society’s problems.

Valerie Iles (founding member Think about Health)

The Summer 2015 Conference

Mutuality and Authenticity is fast approaching and there are a few final places remaining.  

18-19 June 2015 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

The 2015 Think About Health conference will continue several years’ tradition of providing a chance to stand back from the hurly-burly of providing or managing healthcare, or the difficulties inherent in receiving it, and reflect. As before it will take place in the peaceful and evocative surroundings of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.

  • Is scientifically and technically derived evidence a sufficient basis for healthcare policy?
  • How can health care professionals assess and limit the damage they do to life chances within less wealthy communities by the way they interact with those communities?
  • Are healthcare professionals, at heart, only in it for the explicit benefits being one can bring? If not, then what are the other motivations? How are they realised and expressed?
  • Has healthcare lost a sense of community and mutual collaboration? Was that ever present? Does it matter?
  • How can health care professionals enhance mutuality amongst participants in ways that enable communities to flourish?
  • National HealthWatch explicitly aims to encourage patients to see themselves as consumers with consumer rights. How does this influence the relationship between provider and consumer? Does it /could it /how could it enhance a spirit of mutuality and authenticity?
  • As a core feature of our humanity, how well do the experiences of caring and being cared for reflect experiences and expectations of common good?
  • How can we organise health care so that both provided for and providers can flourish in their roles and take that flourishing into their wider lives?

Cost is £165 which covers overnight accommodation at Woodbrooke and all related hospitality. Please contact clare.barton@nottingham.ac.uk to book and for further details.


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